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Enrollment process for students residing in the  Ayers attendance area:

New students - for all grades for the 2018-2019 school year

AERIES Internet Registration (AIR) is available to start the process of registering a student for school; this only starts the process, it does not complete it.  This is only for students who have never been enrolled in a school within the Mt. Diablo Unified School District.  In addition to pre-registering online, parents or guardians will still need to come to our school office to present completed paperwork (immunization record, birth certificate, residency verification items) to be verified and additional forms specific to Ayers will need to be completed as well.  The AIR website to pre-register your student is  If your student has been enrolled in a MDUSD school, please do not use the AIR process, but call our office for more information (925) 682-7686.

 Registration is not complete until you physically provide all required documents to Ayers Elementary.


Please bring the following with you to our front office:

* Printed copy of online enrollment

* Immunization Record 

* Birth Certificate (original)

* Proof of Residency - Photo I.D. and two original documents with parent/guardian's name and address.  MDUSD accepts current car registration, state or federal tax return, current voter registration receipt, other form of communication from a government agency, property tax bill, payroll stub, tax return, or a current rental/lease agreement with parent's name, student's name and address, as well as manager or owner's name and phone number for required verification.  

Please call the Ayers office at (925) 682-7686 if you have any questions regarding enrollment .


The age requirements for the 2018-2019 school year for grades Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten are as follows:


Transitional Kindergarten

Born between:  9/2/2013 and 12/2/2013



Born between 9/2/2012 and 9/1/2013


For more information regarding registration, enrollment, transfers, please go to